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Tutoring fun with NH Tutor!

COVID has made learning interesting to say the least. It can be challenging to keep up and feel like you are having a good learning experience. Enter NH Tutor brought to us by New Horizons. NH Tutor is a great addition to distance learning. They can help with homework and even build on what they are learning in school. 

 Tutoring Fun with NH Tutor


As part of the LA Mommy Blogger Tribe, we received 2 sessions of tutoring (#ad). They had multiple sessions available, broken up by groups of grade levels. Additionally, they offer one-on- one and group session tutoring (and coming soon: Learning Pods). Our sessions were in the 1-3 grade level. In our first session, we were joined by some of our mommy blogger friends. My son had the best time learning about past, present and future tense and writing sentences. Then the group played Hangman (I used to love that game). 


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The next day, the tutor went over my son’s “all about me” speech he had to give the next day in class as well as his spelling words for his test which was also the next day. The tutor then built upon that for additional word exercises. *Note: save your child’s homework for the tutoring session, so they can do the homework with the tutor.* Afterwards, they virtually decorated a pumpkin as well as talked about animals which is one of my son’s favorite topics!


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SO excited for day 2!

We had a fantastic experience! Most importantly, my son really enjoyed it. On his first day, he said that he had a great time in class (without me asking!). On his second day, he looked a little sad afterwards and when I asked him what was wrong, his response was that he wished tutoring was longer! He loved the more individual attention of a small group setting. Additionally, both tutors were engaged and encouraging which in turn made my son excited to be there. As a parent, I really liked how they took his skills/homework/interests and then built upon it. This was especially apparent in the discussion of animals and the virtual decorating of a pumpkin. I also liked how he was challenged to answer the questions (i.e. what is past/present/future tense). After each class, I was given a parent report that shared what they went over in class, any pending work and how their behavior was. In the behavior area was always something positive about him which I loved and I can’t wait to share with him.


I would definitely recommend NH Tutor for your kids! Kids at all levels can benefit from these sessions. You can check them out at: https://mynhtutor.com/.

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