A Letter to my Son on his Last Day of Kindergarten

Today is your last day of kindergarten and instead of celebrating with your friends and your teacher, we are celebrating by ourselves at home. You have missed out on parties, assemblies, hanging out with your friends, open house and much more. I feel sad for you, sad for the kids who are graduating high school and missing that whole experience. Yet we are so blessed, we are healthy and we are together.
When you look back on this time, I hope you are able to see the good in it. We are all spending more time together. Even though Daddy and I have to work, we are at least together. I hope you remember some of the stories about the good in the people of this world. With all the bad we hear about, there is always something good to find. I hope you look back on all the new recipes we tried and mostly succeeded on. I hope you take with you the love and encouragement we have for you.
In kindergarten, your reading skills exploded! There seems to be almost nothing you can’t read. A good book will take you on so many adventures. You are so creative, I find your drawings and creations everywhere. My sweet boy, you are so thoughtful! You think about things people would like, you freely tell me you love me. Even yesterday, you left me a note that said “love you”. Most of all, you are KIND. Kindergarten showed me that you help people up when they are down. For you, helping people is more important than winning a game. The world needs more thoughtful and kind people like you.
There’s still a lot of uncertainty but one thing is for sure, we love you so much and we are so proud of you. First grade, here you come!
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