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The Bad Guys Blu-Ray Review

We were gifted The Bad Guys on Blu-Ray but all thoughts and opinions are my own

The Bad Guys Review

The Bad Guys – so good, not bad!

The movie was based on a series of books. My son was familiar with The Bad Guys from school. Even when the preview came out, he was so excited to see the movie. I was so excited to be able to surprise him with the blu-ray! We made a big deal of watching the movie as a family and we loved being able to spend the time together to watch it.

The Bad Guys follows a group of villains who have the chance to “go good”. Along the way, they learn the benefits of being good, of accepting responsibility, of being loyal and of being a friend. While a movie that focuses on the bad guys doesn’t appear that it would have good lessons, it has positivity all around it. The movie also has non stop action that holds your attention the whole time.

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Is The Bad Guys Good for all Ages?

Yes! My kids are both very sensitive so I really monitor what they watch. Neither kid was afraid at any point and they both laughed a lot. In fact, they have watched it every day since we received it! On the flip side, my husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was really well done. My husband, who studied graphic design in college, thought the animation style was good. He enjoys the 2D/3D mix type of animation. The picture quality is amazing!

What about the Special Features?

We immediately went into the deleted scenes once the movie ended. All of those were so good! We can’t wait to check out the other special features. We are especially excited for the exclusive short Maraschino Ruby. Other special features include Devise the Plan: Making The Bad Guys, It’s Showtime: Cast Table Read and more.

Special Features

Final Thoughts?

Walk or run to your nearest retailer to pick up your copy today! Thank you to Universal Home Entertainment for this wonderful Blu-Ray!

The Bad Guys Front Cover

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