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Our Alabama Bucket List

Our Alabama Bucket List
Our Alabama Bucket List

We dream of traveling…

We are learning about states and places we’d love to visit in each state! With 2 close friends in Alabama, it was naturally our first choice in putting together our bucket list.

Here are the 5 places we’d like to go in Alabama once we can visit:

  1. McWane Science Center – Birmingham: I stumbled upon McWane when looking for virtual activities and found a gummy bear experiment. Ever since then, I’ve been following them and their science adventures. They have a few virtual activities on their site and they were going live every Tuesday and Thursday for a quick science lesson. To make me love them more, at Christmastime, they showed How the Grinch Stole Christmas in IMAX!
Gummi Life Savers Experiment
Gummi Life Savers Experiment
  1. Space & Rocket Center – Huntsville: This place sounds so cool! They even have Space Camp!


  1. Huntsville Museum of Art – My husband LOVES art museums. In my research, it was clear that this was a must visit whenever we go. They even have virtual activities for kids, we recreated a sculpture by drawing it!
Hard at work drawing!
Hard at work drawing!
  1. Civil Rights Memorial Center – Montgomery: A beautiful memorial for the Civil Rights Movement. I believe this important history for my children to learn. They even have a Civil Rights Activity Book for children available online. You can access it here.


  1. Lulu’s – Gulf Shores: I’ve heard wonderful things about Lulu’s in the allergy community. They have multiple allergy menus making it easier for people with food allergies to eat there. I have gotten a Lulu’s cookbook a couple months ago and decided to make some of the spice blends. They were delish!
Spice blends from Lulu's
Spice blends from Lulu’s
  1. Bonus bucket list item for mom (AKA me) – Unclaimed Baggage – Scottsboro: This is where the unclaimed baggage from airplanes go. I can only imagine what goodies could be found there!


Virtual Fun for kids!

I definitely can’t blog about travel without mentioning all the virtual activities available to kids right now. As I was research for this blog, I came across many activities on the websites of museums and zoos. Additionally, I came across some printables, including these color and trace words pages from 3 Boys and a Dog. Even though we have to stay home right now, I find we can still enjoy and learn about new places by the virtual activities and videos. I can’t wait to explore more!

Alabama Printable
Alabama printable

We sure had a great time learning about Alabama! Did we miss any must do places in Alabama? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. Thanks friend! There’s a YouTube video series we love to watch. I use Pinterest as a starting point for a lot. I find books and places to check out. That’s where I found the printable above. Often, I’ll see if I can find the books about the state being read aloud online and we will listen to those. The museum/zoo/places to visit websites have a lot too and that’s where I find most of the virtual activities. Oh! And you can order travel guides like the one the kids are holding above on the state’s visitors sites for free (most of the time).

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