Allergy Friendly Disney Parks Beignets!

One of the best things about a Disney vacation is the food! Such a delicious variety of meals and snacks, there’s always something new to try! Dining out with food allergies can be complicated but Disney is one of the best! When we can’t be at the parks, we like to recreate allergy friendly Disney Parks dishes. This week, we decide to try beignets from both the Disneyland Resort (found in New Orleans Square) and Walt Disney World Resort (found in Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter).

My kids are little (7 and 3) but they can still help in the kitchen! Both kids helped pour ingredients into a bowl and stir at times. We have a step stool so they are able to see what they are doing. Due to the allergies (and lack of ingredients), we had to do some substitutions. For example, I used whole milk for heavy cream and butter for shortening. Since we are dealing with an egg allergy, the biggest substitution was for an egg. Now there are many different substitutes for eggs like flax seed but I decided to try applesauce and baking soda. It worked great!

Child helping to cook

Here are some of our favorite safe brands that we’ve been using! Remember to do your own research before using an item.

Ingredients for beignets

After mixing all the ingredients, we had to let the dough sit, then we rolled it out and cut the Mickey shapes with a Mickey shaped cookie cutter. Then the dough had to rest again. Before we knew it, it was time to fry them up. Once they were fried, I added powdered sugar to about half of them.

Even with all the substitutions, it tasted just like the real deal! We are already dreaming of what we should make next. I’ve put together a list of recipes from Disney Parks Blog and the D23 website to try this year and of course, I’ll take you all on the journey with us!

Cooked Beignets

Want to make this yourself? Check out the recipe here.

Have you ever recreated a Disney Parks recipe at home? What was it?

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7 thoughts on “Allergy Friendly Disney Parks Beignets!

  1. You had me a beignets. I feel lucky that my family has no food allergies, but I’m always impressed by the cleverness of swapping out ingredients to make things work for those that do. Food science is awesome! And those look awesome!

  2. How creative! I love that you found a substitution that worked well for you. I’m allergic to apples so I’d have to just use the egg haha. Allergies are such a challenge to work around, but I’m glad you found an option for your family!

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