Paw Patrol DVDs

Paw Patrol DVDs – Now Available!

Can you believe it’s already AUGUST!? I’m so excited because do you know what comes out August 20th!? The Paw Patrol MOVIE!! Both my kiddos like Paw Patrol so we are really looking forward to watching it! In preparation for the movie to come out, Paramount and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment have come out with Paw Patrol Line Look DVDs. And thank you to Paramount and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment who sent us a set to enjoy (all thoughts are my own!)

New Paw Patrol Dvds!

The Paw Patrol Line Look DVDs are so fun! With 6 to collect, your Paw Patrol fan will be so happy to watch some of their favorite episodes! My kiddos have been enjoying one a day for the past few days and have enjoyed getting to see so many great episodes. Also, there were also some fun stickers included and stickers are GOLD in my house. One thing they really enjoyed about the packaging is that it included the look of each pup in the movie. It was a fun reveal and also fun to see the difference in the TV show version and the movie version. The DVDs that were released are:

  • The Great Pirate Rescue
  • Jungle Rescues
  • Pups Save Puplantis
  • Ready Race Rescue
  • Ultimate Rescue
  • Mighty Pups

Paw Patrol DVDs

     The fun doesn’t stop there!

You can have your own PAW-TY to celebrate! Throw the ultimate PAW Patrol Summer Party with these themed recipes, games, decor, and more! Fan-favorite PAW Patrol DVDs are now available with new artwork and stickers featuring each pup’s unique movie look!

We threw a mini party! We made the chicken nugget recipe and enjoyed those with one of the DVDs and even got Paw Patrol plates and cups! The ideas are so fun and perfect for any size party even just your own family. Furthermore, the recipes and activities were easy to make and set up too. Also, I think the water balloon toss would be perfect for these hot summer days.

Party Food

Thank you again to Nickelodeon, Paramount and Spin Master for the awesome DVDs! These DVDs are on sale now! In conclusion, tell me your favorite Paw Patrol pup in the comments!

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