Allergy Friendly King Cake

It’s Mardi Gras! Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! Recently, it was my dear friend Renee’s birthday and I know she’s a fan of King Cake (you can find her awesome blog, Unexpectedly Geeky, here.) In discussions with her, I started to wonder, could we make an allergy friendly King Cake?

Allergy Friendly King Cak

Challenge Accepted

For our King Cake, I used 2 different recipes. One was this one from Murmurs of Ricotta. I used this for the actual cake part. I liked it because it didn’t involve braiding the dough. However, I wanted to change up the frosting so I used this recipe from Betty Crocker for the frosting.

Let me start out by saying that this cake needs to be loved and I was kinda terrified of it. I mean in the first directions, it talks about mixing yeast and not killing it. So no pressure Kelly, just don’t let your yeast die. However, when that yeast foamed and smelled (it’s supposed to smell like yeast!), I felt like I had already won the battle. So once we mixed all the ingredients, the next step was to fold the dough every 30 minutes for 2 hours. Ok, I could do that. No biggie. Then it needed to sit overnight.

Dough ready to rise

Allergy friendly

This cake is egg free, peanut free and tree nut free. The recipe calls for 2 eggs so I substituted the eggs for a cup of applesauce. I was worried that this would affect the texture but it didn’t at all. I was so excited about this. So far, we’ve had really great luck with using applesauce. Here are some of the ingredients and brands we used.

The next day…

The next morning it was time to wake up the dough by punching it, yes punching it! We then added the yummy cinnamon and brown sugar filling and instead of adding a baby or a bean, we added half an Oreo. We still haven’t found it. Tradition says those who find the “baby” will receive luck and prosperity. I think we could all use a little luck and prosperity right now. Then we let it sit and rise for the last time and then baked it. While it was baking, we made the frosting so it was ready when the cake cooled. I then let the kids put on the sprinkles…and you can tell. It’s a beautiful sugary creation!


We tried it and it was SO GOOD!! Like a cinnamon roll donut! Overall, it wasn’t as hard as I originally feared and I would definitely make it again. Have you ever made a King Cake? Do you like King Cake? Tell me below.

Finished Product

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