Our Virtual Alaska Vacation

We are working our way through the states. Next up: Alaska! We had a fun time learning about the state of Alaska. The 49th state is very unique and had some unique activities. Lots to do for my animal loving kiddos. Starting with coloring pages from Crayola!

I put together some activities and a list of our state bucket list to share with you!

  • Denali National Park – Denali just looks absolutely breathtaking. One awesome virtual activity that they had was to become a Junior Ranger! We did research online about the park and answered questions. Then we mailed them in and my son is going to get a Junior Ranger badge!

  • Kenai National Park – Kenai National Park is another place that just sounds so beautiful. They have their Junior Ranger activity packet available online and both kids enjoyed the activities in the packet.

  • Alaska Zoo – My kids LOVE animals so it was only natural that we find a zoo to see! It was fun to learn about the animals that were at the zoo.

  • Anchorage Museum – This museum has something for everyone! I think it’s so awesome that they’ve had so much of their exhibits for view online. We did a fun activity where my son create a triptych of his personal environment based on Alvin Amason’s painting: “Everything I Love is Here”.

  • Alaska SeaLife Center – they have weekly “Small Fry School” for preschoolers and kindergarteners to teach them about sea animals!

I also saw the cutest kids cookbook from Alaska that is called “Grizzly Tales and Beluga Whales” and so we had to make an allergy safe recipe. We made “Forget Me Not” breadsticks as Forget Me Nots are the state flower of Alaska.

We read another book about Alaska: “The Cabin that Moose Built”. It was so cute!

Lastly, we did a fun craft that I got from Glued to My Crafts. This painting was perfect for both my 3 year old and 7 year old.

Have you ever been to Alaska? Did I miss anything?

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