Celebrate A Touch of Disney!

Oh Disneyland Resort, how I have missed you! We were lucky enough to be able to visit Downtown Disney and a portion of Disney California Adventure a couple times during the past year but recently Disney California Adventure opened up for “A Touch of Disney”, a festival of fun and food! Tickets for this baby sold out FAST. But if you were able to get some of those tickets from now to April 19th, I’ve got some tips for you!


A Special Event at Disney California Adventure

A Touch of Disney had a lot to offer! While no attractions or shows are open, there was still so much to do. There are distanced character experiences which are seeing and interacting with characters from a distance. They often are doing silly things like hiding in trees or fishing. I actually think I like this better than the normal character interaction!

Next is the shopping! Not all shops are open but enough to where you got to see PLENTY of merchandise. I will say one disappointing thing is that they didn’t have special “A Touch of Disney” merchandise. I did find an adorable Peoplemover shirt that I had to take home with me. There were also photo ops and photo pass photographers around the park. With your ticket price, you get unlimited photo pass pictures.


Disney Food is the Best Food!

Now on to the main event: FOOD! We got $25 each to spend towards food. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, my husband and I ended up being able to get plenty with using very little extra money. We tried the following:

  • Mickey Waffle with berries – because when at Disney, a Mickey Waffle is a signature dish

  • Bacon Mac ‘N’ Cheese from the Cozy Cone Hotel – this was probably my favorite dish!

  • A S’Mores Shake and French Fries from Smokejumpers Grill – a fun and festive shake

  • Pepperoni Pizza Egg Rolls from the California Craft Brews – AMAZING!

  • Toasted Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup – it’s been TOO long since I had sourdough bread
  • POPCORN!!!

We really enjoyed the food! I did feel like we got good portions (though I could have eaten more pepperoni pizza egg rolls!). *A note about food allergies – as it was just my husband and I, we did not utilize allergy friendly options but viewing the website there does appear to be some options at the quick service locations*


Tips and Tricks:

I want to share some quick tips the maximize the day:

  • Mobile order! We waited in line for our first dish before going over to mobile ordering. While mobile ordering, you can choose the time to go back and get your dish. Once near or at your location, press “I’m here, prepare my order” and they’ll make your dish. Once it’s marked as ready, you can get in line to get your food. This helps you plan out your day. Note: it could take 5, 10 or even 15 minutes for your dish to be ready so be prepared when you hit that prepare my order button.
  • Make time to shop! You may have to wait in a brief line to go in a store, but I love the feel of how empty the stores are in once you are inside. There’s a whole bunch of cute merchandise waiting for you too!
  • Space out your orders! There’s plenty of time to eat, don’t get everything at once. Then you can enjoy each dish as you eat it.
  • Finding a table – it’s actually not too hard to find a table (I know everyone is celebrating that with me). To maximize safety, try to find a table that has just been wiped down by a cast member.
  • Take advantage of Photo Pass – we linked our ticket to the app and was able to use the QR code on the app instead of having a paper card. These pictures will be history! A fun snapshot of this crazy time.
  • Have fun! Once you walk in the park, you are home! I felt like I never left but also that it had been so long since I had been there.

We had a fantastic time at “A Touch of Disney”! It was the perfect day date and we really enjoyed everything (ok everything but the music!). We hope this was helpful for anyone who plans on attending! Have you attended “A Touch of Disney” or any of the other theme park events? Let me know in the comments!

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