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Theme Park Cooking Challenge – Week 2 – Butter Cookies

This week’s challenge is Butter Cookies from Hong Kong Disneyland! In case this is the first post you saw, we are doing a theme park cooking challenge where we make an allergy friendly theme park recipe a week. We want to show our kids and any kids with food allergies that just because you have food allergies, doesn’t mean you can’t have good food!


Baking with food allergies can be tricky, heck baking without food allergies is tricky! But it was fun to try to make this recipe. Instead of eggs, we used applesauce and baking powder. This does make the dough a little more dense but the addition of baking powder helps lighten it up. I also did not have cake flour so I used regular flour and cornstarch to make a fake cake flour. We did not sift it which I think could have helped the denseness too. Still the kids enjoyed the cookies and thought they were yummy!

Cookie Cutters

We did however, look for an additional eggless royal icing recipe, but upped the amount of ingredients to include 3 cups of powdered sugar (you can find the recipe here). I will admit, I messed up the recipe but I tried to come back from it the best I could and the kids LOVED the icing. The icing harden just like real royal icing so I consider that a win! Instead of trying to make a beautiful design on the cookies (though my husband did make some fun designs on our California shaped cookies), we let the kids decorate the cookies. They had a blast!

California Cookies

We dream of visiting all the Disney Parks and hope it’ll come true someday! Have you been to Hong Kong Disneyland? What was your favorite part?

Want tot make your own recipe? You can view the recipe here. View week 1 here.

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