Theme Park Challenge – Week 3 – El Taco Mercado Pollo Taco

This week was a fun one! It was also a healthy meal! We made the pollo tacos from El Taco Mercado at Valleyfair amusement park in Minnesota. Y’all this was good, also, it was easy and it was healthy! This recipe was on Valleyfair’s website which I’ll link at the bottom of the page.

El Taco Mercado Pollo Taco

We will be making this again!

This meal is going to end up on our weekly/bi-weekly meal rotation, it’s that good. I’ll start with the chicken. We cooked it in the oven with our homemade taco seasoning. I love cooking chicken in the oven when I can because it ends up so moist! The chicken is just good by itself. It honestly did not need anything else.

Taco Chicken

While the chicken was cooking, we made the corn relish. This was fun because in included lime (and we omitted the onion and the cilantro) which is a flavor we don’t usually cook with. It gave the corn a little pep!

Putting lime juice on the corn

To mix all of the flavors of the corn relish, we went off the recipe and cooked them a bit in a pan. This worked perfectly in my opinion as the corn got a little roasted and that just brought out the flavors.

Corn in a pan

Putting it all together!

After the chicken was done and shredded, we mixed it all together in a corn tortilla! We didn’t have cotija cheese so we used a bit of parmesan. It was so so so good! Additionally, it was full of healthy ingredients. I’m following Weight Watchers and this was very low in points. Plus, my kids really enjoyed the chicken and have already eaten the leftovers. Therefore, I call that a win, win! We can’t wait to make it again!

Finished dish

Want to make it yourself? You can find the recipe here. Also, check out our other weeks here: week 1 – Ginger Green Beans and week 2 – Butter Cookies.


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