Name Bubbles Labels on backpack and lunch bag

Name Bubbles Labels can help you stay organized for Back to School

Summertime is in full force but it won’t be too long before it’s time for back to school! With more and more kids going back to traditional school, it’s more important than ever to be organized and prepared before the beginning of school. I absolutely love school supplies! Pens, paper, backpacks, folders, I love it all. I may be more excited to get them than my kids! With school, comes kids trying to share supplies and it’s very important to keep supplies separate and organized. That’s where Name Bubbles comes in. Name Bubbles is a company that makes labels for your belongings. These labels can be used on anything from school supplies to backpacks to clothing. Reading the story of the company on their website, I can totally relate! I have been writing on baggies or masking tape so actual labels will be a big step up!

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Name Bubbles Labels on a backpack
Photo courtesy of Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles will keep you and your child more organized. With your child’s name on all of their supplies, it will be easy to tell which items belong to which person. This also eliminates arguing over supplies while at school or at home between siblings. Also, keeping supplies organized and separated ensures the safety and health of your child. I know, especially for younger kids, it’s so easy to get jackets mixed up. With the Name Bubbles labels for clothes, that will be a problem of the past. In the School Label Packs, the labels are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. Included in the pack are a variety of designs, sizes and shapes so that they can fit on any supplies necessary.

Name Bubbles Labels on backpack and lunch bag
Photo courtesy of Name Bubbles

As a mom with 2 kids with food allergies, it is absolutely crucial that they eat their food from home and no one else touches it. This is where Name Bubbles labels will save the day for us. The clear fonts make it so even my daughter who cannot yet read will be able to recognize the first letter of her name and know which items are hers. Safety is of utmost importance with food allergies because it can be dangerous if they start eating the wrong item. Name Bubbles even has a special label for food allergies/medical conditions. These labels call attention to the fact that there is an allergy or medical condition and gives a contact number in case of emergency. These will be especially helpful for us and I can’t wait to use them for my kids’ lunches.

Name Bubbles Labels on Thermos
Photo Courtesy of Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles has all different kinds of labels. Iron on labels for clothes, dishwasher safe labels for school lunches and labels that have contact information. Need a unique label? Name Bubbles has a design your own label option! I’m loving all the cute designs! I can’t decide whether I like the dinosaurs or space labels more. Or maybe it’s the cupcake labels, I love the most. Lastly, they have free first class shipping to the US and Canada!

Name Bubbles Labels on backpack and thermos
Photo courtesy of Name Bubbles

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