Knott's Gate

Knott’s Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration!

We were so excited to attend the Knott’s Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration this year! It is currently running weekends thru March 1st.

It’s time to celebrate Snoopy and friends! There are so many fun offerings for this great celebration.

Knott's Gate
Entrance to Knott’s Berry Farm

The first thing you notice upon entering the parks are the photo ops! I think these were so fun and so did my kids! We had a blast visiting each one. My kids really seemed to enjoy trying to kick the football. I loved the one with Linus’ blanket because Linus is my favorite.

Kicking the football

In addition to the photo ops in the front, there are also meet and greets with characters you don’t normally get to see like Pig Pen and Snoopy’s brother Spike.

Snoopy’s brother Spike!

The decor is adorable, each area has a Peanuts Celebration sign with the theming of their area. In Camp Snoopy you’ll find talk bubbles with the sayings of your favorite characters. There are kite eating trees everywhere. The BEST though, is the student to teacher translator. Located in Camp Snoopy, you talk in this translator and it translates it into “teacher talk”. It had me cracking up.


What about entertainment? Well there’s no shortage of that! We got to see part of the Peanuts show: “Happiness Is…” The coolest part was there were mini trampolines at the front of the stage that the performers would bounce on. At night, the same stage, the Calico Mine Stage is used for Woodstock’s Music Festival. In the Calico Town Hall, there is an exhibit on the football themed storylines. The Grand Sierra Railroad is transformed into the Beagle Bonanza which looked like an adorable fair.

Beagle Bonanza

But by far, our favorite, was the Peanuts Sketch School at the Bird Cage Theater. People of all ages can come and draw a Peanuts character. During our visit, we drew Linus. My son got to sit up on the stage with the other kids which thrilled him. He’s being doing so much drawing at home so this was right up his alley. When we were done, we got to take home our drawings. Best of all, this was included in park admission. We want to go again and again to try to get all the characters.

So much fun drawing Linus!

So much fun and I haven’t even covered everything. There’s still a couple more weeks of the Peanuts Celebration so hurry on down to Knott’s Berry Farm!

Who is your favorite Peanuts Character? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Your review makes me want to go visit ASAP. Maybe I’ll have to before it’s over. Thanks for sharing this

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