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Getting Organized with Erin Condren’s Sophisticated Softbound Collection!

It’s January and you know what that means: time to get organized! I have a love of planners which I got from my mom who has had planners as long as I can remember. I look forward to getting a new planner every year and filling it up with our plans, goals and adventures. That’s why I was so excited to get a planner and a box of goodies from Erin Condren’s Sophisticated Softbound Collection. (#ad). I just could not wait to share these goodies with you! I even made a YouTube video unboxing all the planner fun I got, you can check it out here.

Child with box

My daughter was so excited to help go through the planning fun, maybe she’s a 3rd generation planner in the making! The first thing we pulled out was a cute desk calendar. I want to display this on my mantle. I loved the flower design of the calendar cards. Next is an adorable journal with a motivational quote on it. I just love motivational quotes so I was so excited to get this. My daughter has claimed this as her own though so we might have to share!


On to the LifePlanner! My planner is this beautiful ivory color and made out of vegan leather which I love! The size is great, perfect for writing all my plans. One really cool thing is that the planner lays flat no matter the page it’s on. This is great for when I’m trying to write one handed and help the kids with the other hand. There is also a place to write my resolutions and intentions. I intend to fill this planner up with plans!

Getting Organized with Erin Condren!

Opening of planner

Lastly, I got some awesome accessories. I got a fancy pen which writes so smoothly and pretty. I got a planner pouch to hold my pens and accessories. It’s my favorite color: blue! I also got stickers which I’ve already started using. The adhesive pouches are going to be great to hold any paperwork I collect along the way.


I also got these little cards called compliment cards. They have motivational sayings (which I mention above how much I love those!) and they are blank on the back to write a compliment to someone. These are perfect and I intend to send and give them out this year. We definitely need more compliments in the world!

Compliment Cards

I love all my awesome goodies and I want to thank Erin Condren for these goodies! Ready to buy some goodies of your own? Shop Erin Condren here.

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