Curbside Pick-Up at Knott’s Berry Farm

I’m missing the sound of the roller coasters above me, the sight of people around me and the smell of all things boysenberry. It’s been 4 months since I last set foot at Knott’s Berry Farm and I was missing it. Things are slowly starting to open up here and to my excitement, Knott’s announced curbside pick-up of their famous fried chicken as well as jams, jellies and what I was most excited about, a NEW Knott’s Berry Farm Cookbook. I thought, what a great opportunity to get a glance of the farm while still being safe. I planned a trip, ordered my cookbook and waited for the weekend to come.

The curbside pick-up couldn’t be easier! Just follow the below steps:

  1. Order from either the online marketplace or if you want a hot meal to go, order from Chicken-To-Go
  2. On your selected day (check out the websites for details), arrive at Knott’s Berry Farm between 11AM and 6PM (7PM for Chicken-To-Go) and park in the Marketplace parking lot off Crescent.
  3. Once you enter the parking lot, there will be a parking attendant who asks you if you are there for curbside pick-up, they will then direct you where to go to park.
  4. Upon getting to the curbside pick-up parking, you will encounter another parking attendant who will assign you to a numbered space.
  5. Call the number on the sign for the space, let them know your order number and what space you are in.
  6. Within minutes someone will bring out your order. They will confirm the order number and the name on the order and then put your bag either in your hands or in your trunk (we opted for the trunk)

That was it! We were in and out of there in 10 minutes.

Side note: This blog is focusing on curbside pick-up, however, there is an option to go into Chicken-To-Go and do a carry out order. Additionally, you can go into the Berry Market store and they even have early access hours from 9-10AM (general access is 10:30AM – 7PM daily) for seniors and those that may be a higher risk.

All Knott’s employees wore face masks and were very professional. We even only opened our window a crack and that was it. I felt completely safe going there. In fact, I’m already planning my next trip, mama needs a boysenberry plant!

Have you done curbside pick-up at Knott’s or another store or restaurant?

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